I didn’t write a thankful post yesterday so I’ll catch up now.  (I can’t even believe how quickly this month is going.  Crazy!)

Today I am thankful that I have a crazy healthy child.  El almost never gets sick, never been hospitalized, never broken a bone, never got a concussion…it’s like she lives in a little bubble of kid-health.

Don’t get me wrong, she does get colds, the flu and has her fair share of injuries lately, but I’m not running with her to the doctor every other day.

So many parents don’t have that luxury.  So many watch as their children go in and out of the hospital, struggle with deadly illnesses and suffer.  I can’t begin to imagine what those parents go through.  They must be very brave people.

Snuggle your babies whether healthy or ill.  We don’t have them as kids for long and enjoy every second you’ve got!

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