When I was sorting through all the stuff in my craft room, I came across a fair number of unfinished projects.  Unfinished projects make me feel a little overwhelmed so I turned to the wisdom of folks on FB.

Seriously.  An open question on FB is a great way to get some pretty spot on advice.  One thing was pretty consistent; almost everyone suggested bagging up unfinished items and, when I needed something to do, pulling one out and finishing it up.

So, with a great deal of pride, I present my first finished object of the new year!!

Here’s where I failed epically, though.  I can’t remember the name of the yarn I used, but here’s what I do remember; the pattern is Barley Hat by Tin Can Knits.  In spite of the fact that this hat sat around for over a year and a half and got no love, this pattern really is a quick knit.  It’s also really cool and good for the hipster in your life.  In my case, El wanted this hat.

I highly recommend checking out Tin Can Knits.  The patterns are pretty straightforward and very nice.  Plus a lot of free offerings.

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