Spring break started this week and we really have no huge plans.  El is having a friend over this afternoon then ballroom lessons tonight.  I’m working on a new kirtle and playing around with my journal then probably going to work and a needlepoint project.

I’ve been looking at lots of historical clothing lately.  I really love the 17th century stuff, the idea of 18th century and just dressing in a retro manner in general.  There are so many lovely blogs out there where talented people are sharing their creations and the events the garments might have been created for.

I’d love to do something outside of my normal venue for costuming creation, but I have a tough time finding other organizations to participate in.  I reckon I’m either not looking in the right place or Georgia just doesn’t have a whole lot of those organizations around.  I’m going to keep looking though.  I am so inspired by the creation of others.

Kirtle pics later this week and I’ll shared my monthly layout.  I’m pretty stoked about it.

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