Ah dessert.  Who doesn’t like a sweet treat every now and then?  Of course, most of us tend to overindulge in sweets but sometimes the stressors of the day demand such luxury.

Of course our friend, Ms. Crocker, has ideas on coffee and dessert parties.  To quote;

“A dessert and coffee party scheduled for some convenient time after dinner is a nice idea for any hostess, but presents special pluses for the girl with a job or for the young couple with a tiny kitchen (and perhaps and equally tiny budget).”

I think a little dessert party still has a place in today’s world.  We tend to spend a great deal of time with social media so why not have friends drop the phones and drop in for a yummy treat?  Or, at the very least, check their Twitter accounts in the same room.

If you’re unsure how to plan the gathering, Ms. Crocker has you covered.

“Here’s how it works.  The night before the party prepare a dessert spectacular.  And most of the work is already done!  On party night you have only to put the finishing touches on your dessert and make the coffee.  Serve as soon as the group has assembled. A tea cart will lend a bit of drama to your presentation.  Wheel it into the living room with the whole menu aboard–dessert and coffee, perhaps nuts and mints, on the top shelf; cups, plates and silver on the lower one.”

Being a lazy person, and rather informal, I decided to forgo the tea cart and dessert spectacular and instead concentrate my efforts on making one lovely dessert.  My only requirement?  Must contain chocolate.  Naturally I chose the “Chocolate Pie Deluxe”.  

Results to follow friends.  Let’s hope it more than makes up for the epic mushroom fail.

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