Retro Cookbooks

Lots o’ lasagna

Lasagna.  Between when I made it and now, I really should have checked into this dish’s origins.  Mostly because I’m curious.  Instead I chose to get the fabric together for a pretty important project I’m working on this weekend.  I’m also choosing a different cookbook to dive into but all that must wait.  It’s time to review the product of our labor.  

Lasagna.  Fresh out of the oven, no less.  I made a couple of changes to Ms. Crocker’s recipe.  Nothing earth shattering, I’m no chef who can magically improve flavors, but I substituted a couple of ingredients.  The original recipe called for 2 lbs total of ground beef/pork and 1lb cottage cheese.  As I recently fell of the vegetarian wagon there are still some meats I just can’t stomach, beef and pork among them.  I substituted ground turkey.  Cottage cheese.  I absolutely loathe cottage cheese.  I hate the way it looks, the texture, the smell and the taste.  If cotttage cheese had a large family, I’d hate the it’s family, to.  I substituted ricotta cheese instead.   

The verdict:  I liked it.  B and El tolerated it.  B did have second helping but I think it was born of a desperate sort of hunger rather than an “Oooh.  That’s yummy” feeling.  El said the ricotta was too much and scraped it off the noodles.  The recipe is good enough and fairly simple, but I’m not certain I’d make it again.  And I’m stuck with a big damn pan of lasagna that no one really wants to eat.  All in the name of science, or something.

On the whole, Ms. Crocker’s cookbook is a lot of fun.  It’s fairly easy to find, if you’re interested in a copy.  Even just over 50 years later, lasagna is still lasagna.

This weekend we’re headed to a small cookout and I’ve some big sewing to do.  See you all on the flip side!

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