Retro Cookbooks

A Fair Cake

Fair cake
Fresh out of the oven

The results are in. The Calumet One-Egg Cake turned out to be…….fair. Our newlywed was right. This little cake was fair. It was super easy to make though. It’s also the perfect size for a small family. I think I’d add something to the assessment of ‘fair’. To give her credit, our newlywed did underline the word ‘fair’ so I suppose that’s better than okay.  I think I’d have added a smiley face.  Just because smiley faces are fun.  And it was a nice little cake.

Of course, there were a few changes on my part.  The cookbook provides very specific instructions for beat the batter by hand.  No.  Since the authors seem very keen to use science, I employed a little science of my own in the form of a stand mixer.  Progress is a wonderful thing and so is not giving yourself an injury trying to beat the living hell out of cake batter.

Frosted and fair
No Judy was harmed in the making of this frosting.

The next change was my choice of frosting.  The recipe suggests using “Clever Judy Frosting’.  (I wasn’t familiar with this type of frosting…okay, I only know maybe one or two types but I’m pretty sure something called ‘Clever Judy’ would have rung a bell with me.)  In any case, a review of the recipe revealed it required the use of a raw egg.  Ewww.  Putting a raw egg in a frosting didn’t seem a clever idea to me so I opted for a classic butter frosting.  It seemed a safer bet.

B and El seemed to really enjoy this cake and both agreed that the rating of ‘fair’ was a good one.

Next up, we’ll review more tips for the successful home baker as provided in our text and move on to the next recipe.  In the mean time, I should probably start working out regularly.  All this cake is just going to my hips.

P.S.  If anyone out there would like a copy of any of the things I’m making, please drop me a line and I’ll happily pass the recipe on.


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