Lost and Found

We were going to move.  We looked at houses, at the neighborhoods around us, at all the things that appeared to be ‘better’.  Then we started to hit bumps.

Unforeseen family illnesses.

Aging parents.

My own trip to the hospital.

Activities that we’d planned that ate up one weekend after another, leaving little time for packing and repairs.

Last night it came to a head for my little family.  All of this stress and effort and we realized that we have all we need right here.  Sure, it’s not perfect but we want to make it that way.  New paint, new floor, arranging the furniture, ditching the things that we no longer need or want.  All of that is way easier than a move.  Than the stress of a move, the financial obligation of a new home.  So we’re going to invest in where we are at this moment.

Maybe we hit those bumps because we just needed to slow down and see what’s around us.  Lots of possibilities in a little house we all love very much.

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