Sometimes one finds a weird thing in a weird place. Take this, for example; a weird, curvy nail. I found this in a box of river rocks I purchased at a big box home improvement store. I was adding the rocks to the little clay trays a couple of my orchids sit on, (we can talk about plants later) and, in a handful of rocks, I pulled out this weird nail. It didn’t feel like metal. More like plastic, actually. But how and why did it get into a little tub of rocks? Like I said, weird.

I found something else odd as I was packing.  Apparently, I have quite a few short stories lying around.  All are unfinished and all are in the fantasy genre.  I read a couple.  Can’t even recall what the original plot for the story was, since it’s unfinished and all.  I’m thinking about re-typing the stories to save on my computer.  The typewriter ink is really fading and they’re kind of fun to read.

The plan, right now, is to close on the new house of 23 May.  I’m spending a great deal of time packing, throwing out crap as I come to it and cleaning a bit as I move room to room.  The deep cleaning will happen once we leave this house.  And I’ve been purchasing plants.  I think it’s a stress thing.  I’m not good at keeping plants alive but I’ve done a lot of research on the plants I like and I’m headed into the second month of having healthy plants!  I’m pretty pleased about that.



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