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The Hand Sewing Tale

I love hand sewing.  I love the connection I feel to past seamstresses when I sit down in a quiet place and work.  It’s meditative.  Why I don’t do this more often is a mystery.  I suppose I was feeling uninspired; using the time old argument of ‘not enough time.’

Then I attended a workshop by The Modern Maker.

I had the distinct pleasure of taking his workshop on the construction of female doublets. Eight hours spent learning hand sewing techniques, garment adjustments and story time from Spanish tailoring books.  If you have the good fortune to learn from Matthew, do so. He is an amazing teacher and a wealth of knowledge.

More than the technical skills, I left feeling inspired so I decided to start by sewing a women’s shirt by hand.

I’m hemming all the edges by hand then plan on joining the pieces together with a fagoting stitch.  IMG_0325

Today I finished the first sleeve.  There’s no logic as to why I started with the sleeve; just seemed the thing to do.  I’m using a running stitch to on the little hems.

I’m also tracking the time on the production of the garment.  I’m interested to see how long it takes.

The other thing I’ve decided to do is join the 100 days of A&S challenge.  Not all of my projects will be historical in nature, but I’m excited to share even the small bits of what I’m working on and having a reason to get back into the habit of writing on a regular basis.

Today is Day One!


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The past week has been crazy.  My foster kittens, Merry and Pippin were not adopted, nor was our newest foster baby, Allouette.  All of them came home with me after the adoption event Sunday.  I really hope someone will see how special these three babies are and give them a loving home!

This past weekend, we attended Bryn Madoc’s 12th Night event.  This is easily one of my favorite events in the entire year.  Visiting good friends, eating fun food…it’s so relaxed.  The weather here was positively scary, big rain storms, wind…kind of the perfect weather to be with friends.

 I’m not terribly comfortable sharing recognitions that come my way.  I’m incredibly appreciative when I receive recognition of any kind.  It means that others have found value/inspiration in what I do and they want to say thank you publicly.  (Private thanks are always awesome as well.)  What am I leading up to?  Well, at 12th Night I was awarded the Order of the Meridian Cross.   I want to share the beautiful scroll I received, made by Racaire!

Isn’t that awesome!!  Never in my life will I do calligraphy like that.  I can barely write my name.

I’m off the clean up something a kitten spilled while I was writing this.  Crazy kittens.