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Weird & Stinky

Tuesday of this week, I was really excited.  I had ordered this book on dyes.  It looked cool.  It sounded super interesting and I could not wait to get my hands on it.  Just as Amazon had promised, that book was in my mailbox Tuesday afternoon.

I grabbed the envelope from El and tore it open.  That’s when I noticed the smell.  It was a cross between a cinnamon factory, a room full of cinnamon brooms and the world’s biggest mug of chai.  Weird, huh?  Never mind!  I pulled my treasure out!



The first thing I noticed, other than the rush of weird, were that the corners looked a little folded.  No problem!  Things get dinged up in the mail all the time!  Then I opened the book.




What had been excitement turned into disappointment followed by watering eyes, some coughing and the overwhelming stink that came from the book.  Wow.  I tried to hold my nose as I thumbed through the book.  Every single page was destroyed by someone’s powerful gingerbread coffee/chai latte/whateverthehell they were drinking when the book was packaged up.

A replacement is scheduled to be here Friday, so it all worked out.  But if you ever get an envelope in the mail from Amazon and it has an overwhelming aroma of Christmas spices don’t open it!  Just assume that the employee with the drinking habit packed your item and get a replacement.  Your nose will thank you.



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It’s incredible how a headache can ruin your day.  Seriously.  Monday, my spinning wheel arrived!!  I put my new baby together in no time flat, (thanks to the videos on New Voyager Trading Company) and looked forward to putting some oil on my wheel and sitting down for some fibery fun.  No such luck.  I started feeling bad and, by Tuesday morning, was laid out flat with a hella bad migraine.  (You know it’s bad when I can’t muster the energy to spin.)  I’ve lost an entire day to that, but let’s not cry over spilt milk!  I took pictures as I put together my baby.  And here she is:

This is the Kromski Prelude.  Small and portable, which is what I was looking for.  I has Scotch tension, (I chose that because it’s what I learned to spin on and because my Joy wheel has scotch tension as well.)  I comes with a bobbin holder/Lazy Kate which is not attached in this picture.  The bolt that was intended for the Lazy Kate is too short…at least it seemed so to me, so I’m going to give the supplier a call and see if I’ve made an error or if they can replace the bolt.  I also need to tighten up my knot on the footman.  You’re supposed to make a square knot to act as a washer as you treadle so that wood doesn’t touch wood.  I’m not happy with my square knot so I’m going to untie it and try again.

Fiber came with it.  Yummy!

I ordered my wheel from Paradise Fibers.  I have to say I love this company so much!  They ship super fast and shipping is free for a big item like this.  They also include a beginning spinners bit of fiber to choose from.  I’m not really a beginner but the chance to get free fiber…who can resist!!  Starting on the left and moving clockwise we have Multi Color Polwarth Top in green, Merino/Tussah Silk 70/30 Multi Color in Autumn, and Corriedale Cross in Ecru.  All of it lovely and squishy.  I can’t wait to get started.

And that’s the plan for today.  Spin some to make up for time lost yesterday.  Can’t wait to show you the results!