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Day 2

Today was spent celebrating Father’s Day with B and El but I managed to squeeze in 10 minutes of craftiness to knock out the second sleeve of my new smock.  So here are my sleeves all pressed and stacked super neatly.  I’m not sure which part I’ll start next.  I might just swallow the frog, so to speak, and work on the body of the garment.

Smock sleeves
Look how neat!

Father’s Day was awesome.  We went to see a movie, ate lunch out and spent the rest of the afternoon in junk food induced comas.  (Also did some laundry).  Not a half bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Now I’m off to eat a light dinner and practice some dances for next week’s ballroom lesson.

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All things Flemish

This weekend, we’re planning to day-trip an event.  The event is Fools War.  Last year, we camped and, though we had a really great time, we were feeling pretty lazy this year, so we decided to just make a day of it.  It’s worked out pretty well because instead of prepping things for camping, I’m finishing up a dress for myself and some much needed pants for my sweetie.

This is my second stab at a Flemish style gown.  The first had a purple over-gown, (which was recycled from an Italian style gown) and this same gold kirtle.  This green gown is the most recent attempt.  I’ve tweaked the pattern a bit.  I’m still not happy with it but it will do well enough for something to wear while I watch fighting, knit, or do something else list-side.  All I have left to do is hem it and sew on the rings for lacing.  I’ll get some photos at the event.  I’m pretty sure I look better in it than LSP does.  🙂

A couple more details on the outer gown.  I did not line the skirt.  This is meant to be worn in warm weather so I decided to keep it as light as possible.  I also didn’t line the sleeves.  (The whole ensemble is made of linen.)   In place of lining, I used french seaming on the skirt and a flat-fell seam on the sleeves.  I finished the top of the sleeve by making my own bias tape.  The seam on the sleeve is done by hand as is the hem at the wrist.

I’m really pleased with the sleeves and can’t wait to share the whole outfit with all of you.

Outside of the sleeve.
Inside of the sleeve.
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A Viking We Will Go

The gown you see is my very first attempt at Viking anything.  For the undergown, I sort of cheated and used something I already had.  For the apron though..well, I agonized over that thing.  A friend gave me the instructions that she uses for her aprons.  They seemed very full and feminine to me and I really liked that a lot.  Unfortunately, I can’t find the link for the exact directions I used but here’s a link for a very similar method: Norse Apron Dress.

Both the undergown and apron are made of linen.  The brooches were a birthday gift from my sweet hubby, (sort of a hint to “get that apron done!”) and the beads were a gift from one of my Laurels.   At the time I took this picture, I’d only embroidered the top of the apron but I’ve since embroidered the hem as well as a couple of seams on it.  I plan on wearing it to a 12th night event so I’ll try to get some Viking Action shots!