IRCC 3 · sewing


Taking a break is a good thing and I took full advantage of it this long weekend…and then some.  My anniversary was Saturday so my sweetie took some extra time off and our little family sort of hid from the world.  It’s the best kind of hiding one can do, in my opinion.

The bodice is progressing!  Do I have pictures?  No.  But I do have the whole sizing thing down the way I like it, it’s cut out and boning has been applied.  I’m well on my way to having the kirtle put together though I’m afraid that, at this pace, I won’t be completing the IRCC 3 challenge in time.  No matter, I’m pressing on!!

I’m also distracting you with my shiny new cutting table.  My birthday is in June so I decided to celebrate early.  Isn’t that a cunning table?  The side you can’t see has six shelves as well and holds my measuring stuff, scissors, current projects, etc..  At the time I took this picture, I was still debating what to store in the front, but it’s got lots of stuff there now and all my scraps have been moved to a better place.  Eventually I’ll paint the sewing room but right now the whole re-org is making me pretty happy.

I hope all of you had a wonderful long weekend, (if you had one to enjoy).  If not, I hope your summer is off to a grand start.  Now that I’m caught up on loafing about, I’ll have more pictures to show plus this cool flower thing I started making.  It’s cool.  Trust me.  It really is.  🙂

IRCC 3 · sewing


 I’m frustrated.  My bodice pattern is giving me fits, so I’m distracting you with this cute sock monkey.  Look at that little guy!  Isn’t he cute?  He should learn to drape and measure and all that other sewing stuff ’cause then he’d be way more useful.

Ball o’ Bodice

Lest anyone think that folks who costume just blink and out comes something pretty, let me take that false notion away from you right now.  Seriously.  I mean, when you look at other blogs, all the super talented folks out there sharing their beautiful finished garments, don’t you find yourself wondering if they just sneeze that stuff out?  Do they struggle?  Do they throw their toile across the room, jump on it when hits the floor and swear, “I’m done, people!!!”  I’m pretty sure they do.

I’m not saying I’m in the category of folks who sneeze out pretty.  Far from it.  I am, however, in that group that jumps up and down and swears.  A lot.  See that ball o’ bodice up there?  That’s the first attempt at correcting what was a pretty decent pattern I made ages ago.  The second attempt is sitting on LSP as I type.  I did it with lots of coffee in my system and hugs from Sock Monkey.  I’m going to walk away for a bit, then hit it again this afternoon armed with pencils, pins and maybe a bit of booze.  Okay.  Not the pencils.  I like pens better.  😉