This past weekend I attended our Kingdom’s Midwinter Arts & Sciences event.  There were some lovely entries.  I did a little judging, (I could write a book on why judging A&S is crazy but that’s not what we’re talking about here) taught a class, took a couple of classes and got to work on my eternal scroll.  Let’s look at the eternal scroll first.

img_0124Awhile ago, I got it into my head that calligraphy and illumination would be an incredible amount of fun.  I really enjoy both, but am good at neither.  I decided that I wanted to paint a scroll with the long-term goal of donating it to the Kingdom for some unfortunate soul to receive.  I drew it out, made lots of mistakes, traced all the things, got paint and promptly got distracted by something else.

Every once in a while, I pull this sad little piece out and paint on the thing.  I change the shades of color I’m using, (nothing on it is terribly consistent) try to clean up some of the craptastic lines and take great pride in fact that I’m painting.  Still.  On the same, damn thing.  Last weekend I trotted my happy ass into the Scribe’s area and, after plopping down with my oh-so-organized stuff, set about to paint.  I got the blue petals filled in and called it a day.  Small progress is better than no progress!

Once the eternal scroll was safely stuffed back into it’s snazzy carrying case, (i.e. the book I used as inspiration for the design) I moved on to a class I was looking forward to, Elizabethan Embroidery.  Yummy!

This class was all about learning the detached buttonhole stitch and how those sweet little designs, once completed, could be stuffed.  I love Elizabethan embroidery…hell, all things from that era and was already feeling as though I’d betrayed my time period of preference by wearing the world’s most sad attempt at Italian.  (No photos of that, folks.  I do have my pride.)

Here are the results of the class:  img_0125My chain stitch is nice, the leaf turned out okay but when it came to working detached buttonhole on that acorn it’s as if my brain decided to have a fit.  It’s pretty messy and wonky.  I will say that I had a tough time seeing the little loops I needed to put my needle through.  Sure, that sounds like a lame excuse but it’s my lame excuse and I’ll stick to it.

I’m going to keep practicing this stitch.  I really enjoyed learning it and I’ve got no place to go but up.  Seriously.  Look at that acorn, people.

I did stick around for the bobbin lace class and realized that, although the teacher was wonderful and the class was fun, I’ll never make lace.  So many moving parts!  Kudos to the lacemakers of the world!

It was a nice weekend and a nice event.  Dinner was yummy, the hotel was snazzy but I really wish I’d spent more time just talking to people.  Think I’ll work on that next time.

Stay frosty, folks!




I’ve posted before about waiting. That’s one of the side benefits of parenting and it can be a pretty good one!

Tonight, El is swimming and Big B and I are waiting together. I’m working on a sweater vest for Big B. I figure we’re well past the curse of the boyfriend sweater. 

Of course I just threw this project in my bag and have no info on the pattern or the yarn. I can’t remember either. But, for this part of the project I don’t need that pattern. That makes this project perfect for waiting. 



img_0102This weekend we engaged in a local Women’s March.  This local march was one of hundred’s of sister marches to the giant one being held in Washington, D.C.  My original plan had been to travel to Atlanta to march, but change starts locally and I was super excited to find that we had our own little march.

I say little, but that’s not accurate.  So far I’ve seen a couple of local sources that estimated the turnout at 600. If asked how many I thought were there, I wouldn’t have even come close to that number.

The march was an incredible experience.  El got to learn even more about what activism looks and feels like.  Big B sported his own Pussy Hat like a champ.   I’d spent the days leading up to the big day making sure that each of us had our own hat to wear.

The weather was just awful.  The rain let up just enough for the us to get started but, by the end, we were being pelted with big, fat, steady raindrops and we were all soaked to the bone.

If you marched, wherever you are in the world, I hope the day had a positive impact on you.  I hope it gave you hope…I know it did for me.



When I was sorting through all the stuff in my craft room, I came across a fair number of unfinished projects.  Unfinished projects make me feel a little overwhelmed so I turned to the wisdom of folks on FB.

Seriously.  An open question on FB is a great way to get some pretty spot on advice.  One thing was pretty consistent; almost everyone suggested bagging up unfinished items and, when I needed something to do, pulling one out and finishing it up.

So, with a great deal of pride, I present my first finished object of the new year!!

Here’s where I failed epically, though.  I can’t remember the name of the yarn I used, but here’s what I do remember; the pattern is Barley Hat by Tin Can Knits.  In spite of the fact that this hat sat around for over a year and a half and got no love, this pattern really is a quick knit.  It’s also really cool and good for the hipster in your life.  In my case, El wanted this hat.

I highly recommend checking out Tin Can Knits.  The patterns are pretty straightforward and very nice.  Plus a lot of free offerings.



I’ve been wanting to write this post for ages but didn’t want to even start it until I had something cool to share.  Now I have something cool!!

I’ve wanted to paint/organize my craft room for ages.  Now that’s it’s my office as well, I *really* want to change it up.  Over the Christmas holiday we painted not only my daughter’s room, but my craft space as well!  I’m really excited to show you the before and after pics.





I could not be happier!!!  My work space is nice and neat, my craft space is spiff and, after mining the wisdom of FB, unfinished projects have a home and are slowly being finished up!

I still have a few things to go through but that’s it!  The color is awesome and really makes me feel super creative!

Time to make all the things!!


The End is Near

I’ve been thinking a lot about this year ending.  I feel as though I’ve ended the last couple of years saying something like, “Wow.  This was the worst year ever.”  It might be time to flip the script on that observation.

Let’s just get this out of the way; 2016 was godawful for my little family and me.  (Bear with me, script flipping will commence.)  We faced injuries, illness, (all 3 of us had MRIs this year.  What are the odds?) death of a beloved pet, friendships and friends turning out to be not what we thought, work changes, and then the election.  There’s much more I could list here, but it’s all in the past.  This little family of three weathered everything 2016 could throw at us and forged on and we’ll do it again in the coming year.

We learned some hard lessons this year but we will carry that knowledge forward and face 2017 head on.  A little bruised, but not too much worse for the wear.

Happy New Year, people.  Hang tough and hang on to each other.